Big Digital Adelaide — We’ve Got Balls!

What to do while in Adelaide for your favorite Digital Marketing conference

Well of course, there’s “The Mall”, actually called Rundle Mall, but you’ll soon be a local, so might as well just start talking like one right away. That’s Mall – rhyming with ball 😉

This should be your very first stop once you’re settled at the hotel, because of course, the Mall is where our gorgeous mascot Oliver and the rest of his piggy family hang out! Finally a chance to meet them all “in pigson” (sic).

Also in the Mall and totally unmissable, the famous Balls! ummm…you’ll recognise them when you see them.

Actually the Mall is just a great place to see what Adelaide is about….you’ll find amazing buskers, cute food and produce carts and stalls, shopping, eating, coffee…it’s cool just to hang out there and watch the people go by.

The Monet by Woodside Cheese. A true masterpiece in every way – what more can we say? photo credit Woodside Cheese

If the weather is pleasant, wander over to Victoria Square and just soak up the heart of the city…plan to stay a couple of days after Big Digital Adelaide in 2019 and you’ll find yourself in the middle of Australia’s largest food and wine festival, Tasting Australia. Adelaide is always at the heart of food and wine Nirvana, but when Tasting Australia gets underway, even the streetscapes look delicious!

If you want to explore nature, the Botanic Gardens and the Adelaide Zoo (home to a couple of celebrity Pandas of the non-Google kind) are your jumping off point.

If it’s history that gets your blood pumping, there is Ayers House (a historic home that is open for visitors), The Adelaide Railway Station Building, and if you just want to do the normal, the South Australian Museum and the Immigration Museum.

Adelaide City is all within one square mile block, and all these places are within the mile or located on the outer boundary.

I started with the closest to the hotel, which is literally a two minute walk from the Mall through another gorgeous historic Adelaide location – Adelaide Arcade. Walk out of the hotel door, turn right and walk approximately 50 steps to the Arcade. Be careful though! Haighs Chocolates is the first store in the Arcade…you may not make it any further!!!

Stop off and pick up a handful of the iconic Haigh’s chocolate frog – you won’t be able to stop at just one. photo credit Haigh’s

Walk up the Arcade and you are in the Mall. Walk across the Mall and continue up the nearest street and you will find yourself on North Terrace (Museum, Botanic Garden, Railway Station etc).

Keep an eye on your inbox each day during the conference for a wrap-up email to help you get your bearings some more.

Have an awesome day!