Big Digital Adelaide — We’ve Got Balls!

What to do while in Adelaide for your favorite Digital Marketing conference

Well of course, there’s “The Mall”, actually called Rundle Mall, but you’ll soon be a local, so might as well just start talking like one right away. That’s Mall – rhyming with ball 😉

This should be your very first stop once you’re settled at the hotel, because of course, the Mall is where our gorgeous mascot Oliver and the rest of his piggy family hang out! Finally a chance to meet them all “in pigson” (sic).

Also in the Mall and totally unmissable, the famous Balls! ummm…you’ll recognise them when you see them.Read more

Melanie Spring Challenges Digital Marketers to Embrace Superpowers

“How many of you list your superpowers on your resume?”

This was the first question posed by Sisarina founder Melanie Spring during her opening keynote presentation at Big Digital Adelaide.

The keynote was focused on finding employees who best suit your business culture.

Melanie began by showing a video about a personal assistant you could ‘buy’ in the style of a home shopping channel advert. The audience became even more engaged when Melanie revealed the clever piece was an actual job application she had received when recruiting for her own personal assistant.

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